Ruth 4 – God’s Faithfulness

The last chapter in the book of Ruth consists of Boaz and Ruth’s marriage and then continues on with the genealogy of David. 

While reading through the book of Ruth I was overwhelmed by how much God had showed me that I had never realized before, and that still didn’t even scratch the surface of Ruth’s life. I can’t help but wonder about the other half. I wonder what happened to her and Boaz, if they decided to settle down and simply live their lives or if it was something so much more.

I know God only gives us those four chapters for a reason. Maybe so we wouldn’t get lost in their whole lives, but that we could take what He has given us to use and apply in our own lives, and yet here my wandering mind wonders about all the different ways God worked in their lives past the four chapters He gave us.

I think this can be seen in our own lives. God places certain people, friendships, jobs, or things in our lives for a certain season knowing what we need for a specific amount of time, and then with God, being all-knowing and ever faithful, He knows how much we only need it as a lesson or application in our life for that certain season.

As we can see in Job 1:21, “…the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

There are certain things in our lives that, in our minds, we may think we need for a longer season than others. But then here is God, who knows every chapter of our story and knows what needs to be placed where for what exact amount of time in order to be beneficial to us or the people around us.

God is so faithful in that way. He knows maybe that thing or job or friendship won’t match the following season of our lives or even their own, so He graciously acts on our behalf.

God is so faithful to break down our own ideas and dreams and desires before they break us. 

He is so faithful, but that is only the beginning. It continues on with our faithfulness to Him and that is how we go on to tell of His faithfulness.

Ruth was faithful and obedient to that which God had called her to do, and I’m certain God blessed her for the rest of her life for that obedience.

I’m sure she had trials and disappointments and hurts that followed, but a theme that is seen in God’s Word and I have personally seen in my own life is that God is faithful. And if we are faithful to Him in return it leads to nothing short of a life, deeply rooted in joy, and heavily lined with grace. It leads to a life with Jesus- a life of continually surrendering our everyday to Him in order to live an abundant life for His glory. May our stories be nothing but a reflection of His faithfulness in our lives- just like Ruth’s was.

With love,

Moriah grace

God is so faithful to break down our own ideas and dreams and desires before they break us. 


4 thoughts on “Ruth 4 – God’s Faithfulness”

  1. Moriah, this whole series, each part touched my heart. You made it so applicable to each of us. The book of Ruth is such a small book but packed with so much everyday truths that can be applied to our lives and you reached right in there and pulled out a few nuggets to share with us. Thank you so much for the reminders!


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