What’s the best next thing?

I graduated two days ago and am already fighting the feelings of doubt that the enemy uses to quietly whisper in my ear of all that I have yet to learn and do. where do I go? what do I do? what’s the next best thing? About a month ago I committed to working at … Continue reading What’s the best next thing?



My word for May: expectant. Because I spend far too much time doubting & wondering what He is going to do instead of trusting & believing that He is already at work placing every detail right where it needs to be and aligning everything in His perfect way. Instead of doubting His plan, I’m choosing … Continue reading Expectant.

A 3 Step Course to Develop a Deeper relationship with God.

When I mentioned a 3 step Bible course on my Instagram, I didn't necessarily mean "here follow these three steps and you'll be able to read your bible every single day." No, I meant something a little more than just that, something that goes a bit deeper than the surface of these words and straight … Continue reading A 3 Step Course to Develop a Deeper relationship with God.

Beyond The Worn & Torn Of Life.

Imagine slowly walking up an old, creaky and jaded staircase in a Victorian-style mansion that consequently, once at the top, advances down a bare corridor with nothing but a few ancient wardrobes and largely pinned up frames against the wall in an orderly manner, taking step after step until ending at an old-fashioned door a … Continue reading Beyond The Worn & Torn Of Life.