The devils doubts can’t outweigh God’s promises.

The devil is so cruel. And we often are so blinded by the crafty ways he works and moves in our lives.

I know that may not be the most encouraging words you have ever read, but I want to be as real and vulnerable as possible right now. I can’t stop thinking about how much the devil has been trying to manipulate my thoughts into so many heavy lies over the past few weeks. And I know I’m not the only one he does that to.

I know I’m right where God wants me in my life, and the devil hates it so much. I know this to be true because doubt has been my constant companion over the past few weeks.

Most mornings I wake up to it- and it’s so real to me that I try to convince myself I’m doing everything so wrong, but it’s really just the devil placing lies inside my head in hopes that they will eventually get to my heart.

If I wasn’t in God’s will I know that doubt wouldn’t be so vivid in my life- I know the devil wouldn’t be fighting SO hard.

I know I’m where God wants me and I hate that I feel as if I have to convince myself of it when He has already given me SO much peace about it, but I also know the devil hates when we follow God in surrendered obedience, when we sacrifice things of this world to draw a little closer to His feet, and when we strive to live a life that honors Christ.

I know blessings will come. I know joy will follow. I know there is peace in God’s will. And I’ve experienced all of that and much more over the past few weeks, but sometimes, we make following God to be a bed of roses. And I want to be so perfectly honest on here- it’s not all that. Following God has always been about saying no to our fleshly desires and sometimes giving up our own dreams in order for His so-much-better ones to come along.

It’s a painful process to be honest. It involves tears and emotions, but God offers peace and comfort. That’s when you know you’re in His will- when even amongst the tears and hurt and sacrifice you know you’re right where you need to be and that there’s heavenly peace even amidst your pain.

God’s been pressing into my heart the importance of living in His Word daily and weighing out His truths in my life.

The only way to combat the devils lies are to weigh them out with spiritual truths, and I know sometimes it is so hard. It is so easy to give in and believe how worthless we are out of Christ, and how maybe God could never use us, but when we weigh them against spiritual truths we can see God wants nothing more than to use our lives for His glory, to give us an abundant life, and to help us walk in His grace every single day. (2 Cor. 12:9)

Last week I told myself, “I’m never writing again. I’m so tired of having to give things up. I’m so tired of being the only one trying to live right. I’m so tired of trying to do GOOD.”

But God’s grace is so sweet and it shows up in the kindest of ways. I know sometimes we get to that place in our lives where we feel so alone and this world feels so cruel, and the biggest reason I’m sharing this is to say you are not alone in those feelings. But they’re simply feelings. God’s grace is something that’s REAL and even on your worst of days it will carry you through. So don’t give up just yet. Better days are coming and trust that His goodness is waiting for you right around the corner even if you can’t see it just yet.

When you’re in God’s perfect will His promises will be there to, but rest assured the doubter himself will be there, too. And it is up to you to choose what you believe to be true.

The devils doubts will never outlive nor outweigh God’s promises that lead us to a more eternal, heavenly life. That is one thing I know to be true, and I hope you do too.

Love and Blessings,

Moriah grace


6 thoughts on “The devils doubts can’t outweigh God’s promises.”

  1. Amen. You’re not alone 💕 Christ is with you. His strength is with you. His grace is sufficient and His mercy everlasting. Christ has been through this in the wilderness. I’ve been through it, and will go through it again. As long as I’m living for Christ, satan will always come to attack and discourage me. I thank Christ that He have overcome the world, and in Him, we can too. 💕 I will continue to pray for you and for others.

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  2. Yep, yep, yep – I’ve been through these exact thoughts and feelings and survived these doubts and attacks on my mind and heart so many times myself. You’re right, it all comes back to a choice not to give up, to trust His goodness, and to wait for His hand to move. I’m here waiting and trusting with you, my friend! Thanks for the reminder that I’m not alone in the wait!

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