The Heart of Surrender

Surrender is so sweet, but when it comes to surrendering those things in our lives that we hold a little too closely it suddenly seems more like a burden than a blessing. And that is when our perspective of surrender is so misplaced. It always brings me back to the love of Jesus and I have to ask myself, “How much do I love the One who gave His life so I could have Life in me?”

I follow it with, “Do I hold the things of this world more closely than I do the One who holds the world?”

When I feel like He is asking too much and I don’t really understand the whole concept of giving He takes me back to the greatest Gift ever given- and when He takes me back to that moment in time- I then feel as if I could sacrifice my world for the One who gave His life for the world.

He doesn’t ask us to sacrifice as much as He did when He gave His Son, but He does ask us to surrender our lives so He can give us abundant life.

Sometimes our surrendering requires the kind of sacrifice that means giving up those things that block our hearts from giving- He asks us to make a hole for Him, so He can make us whole.

I’ve noticed a pattern in the surrendering of ourselves & it always leads back to sacred moments with our Saviour- just like that sacred moment back in the history of time that changed the history of the world- And when we look towards the Cross we see how Close we can be to Him. I wonder if our willingness to give is more dependent upon our love for Him than His love for us- we know His is always sure & steadfast- so when we replace our misplaced perception of surrender with the idea that it is more about becoming closer to Him we can then simultaneously give more to Him.

And I believe, that is the very heart of surrender.

Love & Blessings,

Moriah grace


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